southern lights

When will Aurora be visible

You need an aurora in the sky where you are. This is a newbies Aurora Australis guide. I am collating info I’ve found from various sources in my endeavour to find and photograph an Aurora. This will be revised as


Where to find

The Aurora is formed when high speed sunspot activity collides with the Earths magnetic field. This can happen at any time but is only visible at night. Some very bright aurora are visible in the dawn and dust. Others require

How To Photograph

Here are the suggestions from great photographers I’ve found: Hobart auroa photographer Loic Le Guilly suggests 30 second exposure at 3200 iso, 16mm rectilinear lens wide open at f2.8. Local Geelong photographer Lachlan Manley exposes for 20-25 seconds at Iso’s 100-2500. Several shots